PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

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Learn PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor with the help of many examples and code snippet.

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP is widely used scripting language to develop various types of applications. This is mostly used to develop dynamic web applications. But it can also be used as batch processing scripts that can be executed from the crob job.

In this section we are giving many tutorials and example code of PHP programming language.

Introduction to PHP

   Syntax of PHP
   Variables in PHP
   String Handling in PHP
   Operators in PHP
   IF-Else In PHP
   Switch In PHP
   For Loop PHP
   While & do..while Loop In PHP
   Arrays in PHP
   Functions in PHP
   POST in PHP
   GET in PHP

Files in PHP

   File Creation in PHP
   File Open & Close
   File Write
   File Read
   File Delete
   File Append
   File Truncate

Strings in PHP

   Change case
   String explode
   String implode

PHP Advanced

   Date in PHP
   Include in PHP
   Session in PHP
   Cookies in PHP
   E-mail in PHP
   Prevention against email injections
   Error handling in PHP
   Exception handling
   Filter in PHP
   Image File Upload
   Multiple Image File Upload


Generate PDF with PHP
   Header in PDF
   Footer in PDF
   Table in PDF
   Image in PDF
   Cell in PDF
   MultiCell in PDF
   Save PDF in folder
   Text Align in Cell
   Generate Report in PDF
   Cell with background fill
   Set Font in PDF
   Line break in PDF
   Send Email with PDF attachment

jQuery + PHP Examples
Same Form for Login & Signup
   Form submission using jQuery Ajax.
   Form validation using jQuery plug in & PHP
   Add Comment Using JQuery Ajax & PHP
   Calculating Square Root using jQuery Ajax & PHP
   jQuery Drag 'n Drop: Record Sequence in Database using PHP
   Voting using jQuery, PHP & Mysql 
   Refresh Page Section at a given interval using jQuery plug in
   Autocomplete using JQuery , PHP & Mysql
   Upload and Crop Image using jQuery plug-in & PHP
   Check Username Availability using JQuery  & PHP
   Zoom Images of ImageSlider with Fancy Box & Zoom Plug-in
   Div height increment using animate()
   Div Width increment using animate()
   Div Element Opacity Decrement using animate()
   Moving Div element using Buttons
   Callback function in animate function
   Combining Multiple animations
   Queuing of elements


   Expat parser in XML
   XML DOM Parser
   Looping through XML
   PHP-XML File Creation Example
   PHP-XML New Attribute Create and Append In Existing XML File
   PHP-XML createAttribute() Function Example
   PHP-XML Get Attribute From Existing File
   PHP-XML Read File Example
   PHP XML Check Attribute Example
   PHP XML simplexml_import_dom() Example
   PHP XML loadXML() Example
   PHP XML formatOutput Example


Create Zip & Add file
  Zip Complete Directory/Folder
  Display Zipped File Details
  Extract Zip
  addFromString() Method of ZipArchive


  Introduction of Ajax
  PHP Ajax Suggest
  Ajax MySql Database
  Ajax with XML
PHP Math Functions

  PHP Math Functions With Example
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