How to learn Servlets and JSP?

How to learn Servlets and JSP?

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This article guides provides you the information for getting started with the Servlet programming and provides you the tutorials for learning Servlets.

How to learn Servlets and JSP?

As we are all aware, a Servlet is a Java programming language class meant for the extension of capabilities of servers. These servers in question host applications accessed through a request-response programming model.  Servlets usually cater to web servers in spite of their ability to answer to any type of requirement. These applications lead to the defining of HTTP-specific Servlet classes with the aid of Java Servlet technology. The Javax.Servlet and the Javax.Servlet.http proffer package interfaces and classes meant for creating Servlets.

Servlets catering to web servers are counterparts of other vibrant Web content technologies like PHP and ASP.NET. You need to use the WebServlet annotation in order to label a Servlet component in a web application. This consists of metadata on the Servlet being declared. The Servlet must specify a minimum of one URL pattern utilizing UrlPatterns or value attributes on the annotations. The other attributes do not require any utilization. The value attribute is used only in case of the only attribute on the annotation being the URL pattern. If that is not the case, use the URL patterns attribute in case other attributes are used, too.

The Web container initialises a Servlet following a Servlet class being loaded and prior to delivering requests from potential customers. The Servlet needs to read persistent configuration data, initialize resources and carry out some one-time actions. In order to make this possible, you need to override the init method of the Servlet interface or specify the initParams attribute of the of the @WebServlet annotation.  If the initialization process is entirely performed a Servlet throws an UnavailableException. An initialization parameter is needed to provide data for a particular Servlet. On the other hand, a context parameter proffers data that is available to all components of a web application.

JSP, abbreviation for Java Server Pages, is a server side technology that is required to prepare web pages dynamically with the utilization of Java as a programming language.  It has been created by Sun Microsystems in the year 1999. It is also an extension to Servlet API. JSP programs are encoded as .jsp files. Dynamic web pages that contain static and dynamic content are prepared with this technology. The static contents have formats based on texts like HTML, XML, etc. The dynamic contents are catered to by the JSP elements.

Servlets are Java programs that support HTML tags. In an enterprise application, it is used to enhance the business layer. Professionals working on Java development usually prepare and maintain them. JSP is an HTML code that support Java statements too. In an enterprise application, it is used to enhance the presentation layer. It can be used to carry out high-end website designing.

JSP is more useful than Servlets. It is a good development on Java technology and its features, like multithreading and exception handling. It has a role in differentiating content generation and content presentation which leads to its being more compliant than other programs. A lot of information can be displayed by web designers with JSP. Web Application Programmers can build the required information with the aid of the JSP. In order to run Java Server Pages, a compatible Web Server with Servlet containers like Apache Tomcat or Jetty, is needed.

In reality, the JSP is a high-end abstraction of the Servlets. At runtime, the JSP is translated into Servlets. Then the Servlet is cached and re-used. This carries on until the original JSP is modified. SO, JSPs have some advantage over Servlets and with all the information you have above you can make a decision whether you want to learn the languages online or attending classes physically.

Here are the tutorials for learning Java Servlets?

Check our Java Server Pages programming section for learn JSP.

Today we have provided you the information for learning the Servlet, your search for "How to learn Servlets?" ends here. You can learn Servlets programming on our website with the help of above tutorials.

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