Servlet Versions

Servlet Versions

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This section contains the details about the Servlet Versions.

Servlet Versions

A Servlet is the part of the Java Servlet API . This API has protocol according to which a Java class may respond to HTTP requests. The first servlet API with complete specification was released by Sun Microsystems in June 1997. This was named as Servlet 1.0.

Java community  process starts the development of the servlet specification with version 2.3. JSR 53 defined both the Servlet 2.3 and JavaServer Page 1.2 specifications. JSR 154 specifies the Servlet 2.4 and 2.5 specifications. As of March 26, 2010, the current version of the servlet specification is 3.0.

Given below the table which describe the Servlet API history :

Version of Servlet API Released on Under the Plateform Key Changes
Servlet 1.0 June 1997 not defined  
Servlet 2.0   JDK1.1 Released as the part of Java Servlet Development Kit 2.0
Servlet 2.1 November 1998 Unspecified First official specification, added RequestDispatcher, ServletContext.
Servlet 2.4 November 2003 J2EE 1.4, J2SE 1.3 web.xml
Servlet 2.5 September 2005 JavaEE 5, JavaSE 5 Requires JavaSE 5, supports annotations
Servlet 3.0 December 2009 JavaEE 6, JavaSE 6 Pluggability, Ease of development, Async Servlet, Security, File Uploading
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