Video Tutorial for Beginners in Java: Learn how to install and configure JDK on Windows 7?

Video Tutorial for Beginners in Java: Learn how to install and configure JDK on Windows 7?

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This tutorial is an step by step tutorial for beginners in Java which teaches you how to install and configure JDK on Windows 7.

Video tutorial of Installing Java (JDK) 7 on Windows 7

Java is a powerful languages and a significant tool for used by professionals every day in day to day life. Although Java programming language help in building the application as per the requirements, no one can ignore the need to practice coding in Java for mastering in the Java application. This tutorial helps you highlighting about Installing Java (JDK) 7 on Windows 7 with the help of Video in simple and easiest way.

First of all, to install JDK is the first step in learning Java programming, setting up path for Java is essential as it will enable to run Java command from the command prompt.

As JDK software remains of two various versions like a 32-bit Windows and other on 64-bit version. It is essential to know before downloading about the exact version of the windows you are using.

After downloading JDK installer, you can install it on your computer. You can install it in any of your drive. After setting the path in the environment variables you can access it in command prompt. You can save your program in any of the directory and then go to the command and change the directory where you have saved your program. And then compile and run the program there.

Once JDK installation is complete, you can verify the process with the JDK installation directory and installation in the command prompt. This video tutorial tells you all these things.

Further it is required to include the actual directory for setting up the path for Java. You can follow the attached video which will brief you step by step process to set up Path for JDK 7 in the Windows.

Here is the video tutorial of installing JDK on Windows 7:

In this video tutorial you have learned the steps to download, install and configure the Java development Kit on the Windows 7 Computer. After installing the JDK you can start testing your Java program.

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