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SEO Tactics

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Here below we introduce 15 most important SEO tactics for boosting search ranks.The focus on SEO is no longer just limited to qualify contents and link building these days, being mobile specific in design is increasingly becoming a top criterion for webmasters and designers now.

SEO Tactics: Top 15 SEO Tactics to Boost Your Ranking

Here below we introduce 15 most important SEO tactics for boosting search ranks.

Similarly, focus is on several aspects pertaining to the user experience while searching the web like page loading speed, navigation, user friendliness in page design, etc. Actually all these and many more factors combined together make up a good web user experience and consequently boost search ranks. So in relation to employ important SEO tactics for boosting search ranks it would be of no help if you just want to come clean with White Hat SEO. It is the user experience that counts and your SEO tactics should address it from all pertinent aspects. Here below we introduce top 15 SEO tactics to boost your search ranking.

  1. Optimize landing page
  2. Landing page is the gateway to your site and if it offers a poor experience whatever you do with your SEO effort it wont amount to anything. There are many important factors related to optimizing a landing page, but most important is to have "call to action" architecture to address the user as soon as he lands on your page. If relevant web content is the king then these "call to action" features accumulatively can be called as queen which sometimes actually play more important a role for facilitating user access to his or her target content. If you have everything on your page except detailed "call to action" architecture to address the user's behavior, you will only end up losing organic traffic.

  3. Ensure quality and relevant content
  4. Content is what makes users search the web and browse through sites and naturally all your initiatives to boost traffic will have no result if you cannot provide unique, relevant and quality content. First of all the content must be unique which means a strict "no" to all copied or churned contents. At least a good portion of your content should be felt absolutely new and unique to the user. Secondly, content should be absolutely relevant to the topics it is entitled. In a content while describing factors for real estate price hike you cannot make irrelevant mention of real estate brands and their services. Thirdly, optimizing the quality of content through use of structured content, graphs, images, etc. will help you to beat the contest.

  5. Ensure great page upload speed
  6. One of the most important SEO tactics for boosting search ranks is to ensure great page upload speed for a smooth and faster browser experience. Remember, more than two third of traffic simply go away from those pages taking longer than 10 seconds to upload. Optimize all your heavy image and audio visual contents to ensure better upload speed. With its last algorithm update Google has also made it clear that page upload speed is increasingly becoming crucial for search ranks.

  7. Ensure quality link scheme
  8. This is probably the most contested and referred SEO aspect that make almost everyone serious. Yes, after the last Google Penguin Update you no longer can risk your SEO effort through a potentially bad link scheme that mainly focuses on exchanging links without any concern for the user. An irrelevant and derogatory link scheme can fast lead to complete dismissal from the search ranks. A few things concerning quality link scheme is important. First of all, good internal linking is a must to guide the user browse through the contents. Secondly, you must ensure relevance of the outbound links in relation to the content. Thirdly, at least a fair percentage of your links should be sourced from reputed sites of your specialty.

  9. Ensure responsive design
  10. Today a great majority of websites are opened in mobile devices and as the trend shows, in the near future traditional desktops and laptops are going to be replaced by mobile devices as the most popular and widespread devices for web access. Naturally you no longer can think of web without mobile devices. Whether your website is opened across multiple devices determines your success in acquiring more organic traffic and one goes on with the old web design that does not open properly on handheld devices is sure find himself out of context in the new web environment. Responsive web design just addresses this aspect. A website designed responsively will open seamlessly across multiple devices. Though search engine rankings and algorithms are still not making responsive design a criterion, in the near future it can as well be a deciding factor for your rank. A website that can be accessed across different devices without any difference on look and feel is certainly positive in terms of SEO.

  11. Ensure user friendly navigation structure
  12. There are multitudes of websites that suffer from the absence of a easy, simple and effective navigation structure. Navigation is the key element that let your user browse through the pages and stay longer on your site. On the other hand if your navigation structure is poor it may lead to frustration and can dispel your traffic. As for our discussion on SEO tactics for boosting search navigation is the most important design aspect that every webmaster has to consider with utmost importance. Navigation is the element to let your user reach the different web pages to access diverse contents. If your navigation structure is user friendly you can retain more traffic and for a longer period of time and that effectively influences search ranks as well.

  13. Internal site search for targeting customer intent better
  14. Knowing your user or web traffic depending on their web behavior and uses is important to develop more user friendly contents and design elements. Which keywords are helping your site to have volume of traffic, which keywords your users are searching for, the expectation of contents in relation to their uses, how long they browse for some specific contents and how long they spend time on your content, these things become clear through this. Internal site search let you see the diverse customer behavior and footprints for further analysis and it shows the things you should address to retain and gain more traffic.

  15. Extensive research and monitoring on long tail keywords
  16. Monitoring long tail keywords from time to time is an important SEO practice to augment and expand your chances of gaining more traffic and better search ranks. While overall keyword research has irreplaceable role in your SEO effort, particularly monitoring long tail keywords is what can produce some sure successes. Keywords that are less competitive yet endowed with huge potential can be the key element for creating new contents and driving more traffic. Explore as many as long tail keywords as possible and that is the best chance to survive.

  17. Supplement written content with rich media
  18. These days media and visual content is the irreplaceable element to offer more variety to the content and produce stronger impacts on the users. If your content is unique, relevant and useful enough, supplementing them further with rich media and images can further enhance the content to several notches and that is one of the important ways to gain in search ranks as well. Just follow the example of some of the world's top sites and see how with slide show and media they enhance the readability of their content.

  19. Encourage guest blogging
  20. Among the SEO tactics for boosting search ranks content and link scheme are two most important things to let you gain on search ranks more than anything. Guest blogging offers you the scope to develop both - quality links and unique content. A quality guest blog with a reputed web link is a great value addition to your website and guest blogs are the best way to develop your link scheme and content reserve. With guest blogging you can quickly develop your link scheme and qualitatively increase your content productivity and that is one of the best ways to influence search ranks.

  21. Creative twists to engage users as much as possible
  22. The web now demands every website to become more creative and interactive. More you want your users to engage and interact, more creative twists and maneuvers you require to exercise. Gamification or engaging maneuver users to participate in a virtual contest is already ruling the web practices. More quiz, contests, more interactive features, are going to pave the way to become popular and crowd puller and that is the new reality of web.

  23. Creating community inside and outside your website
  24. Creating web community is obviously one sure way to make a good following among the web users, but besides making a community platform inside your website you can make one outside it can be more influencing for search ranks. Almost all major websites have robust online community that make a boosting influence on their search ranks and elevate their business credential several notches.

  25. Emphasize more on location based SEO
  26. Giving location specific data on your business, commodities and services is surely the way to stay ahead of competition when comes to delivering business queries and search specific results online. Besides offering quality content on your respective business try to always package your content with location specific information and that helps a business website to gain higher search ranks when it comes to search for specific product or services in a particular area.

  27. Robust social media outreach
  28. Social media presence is no longer is a tactic but it represents an irreplaceable necessity in the modern web environment. You cannot think of promoting web content without using social media. From content promotion to accessing more web users how robust is your social media presence will decide your success with the traffic and ranking to a great extent.

  29. Offering a user friendly mobile app
  30. Mobile app is altogether a different platform but as mobile is increasingly going to replace all traditional computing devices in the time this platform can as well be contested for gaining more traffic and make search ranking better. So, for our present discussion on SEO tactics for boosting search ranks we can as well suggest business user to offer a mobile app and promote the platform for better traffic flow.

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