Introduction to the NoSQL Database

Introduction to the NoSQL Database

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This article is introducing you with the NoSQL database and it is guide for beginners towards learning the NoSQL Database.

This video tutorial is an Introduction to the NoSQL Database which getting popular due to its ability to handle huge set of data without performance loss

Have you ever imagine about the hardware and the software system used be Google, Yotube, Facebook, Twitter and many such other website which is managing the tremendous amount of data. Now the 'NoSQL' based is available for managing such huge data in very efficient manner. The performance of these system is also very fast it is highly scalable as data and user demand grows.

The NoSQL is the database server is capable of managing the ever-growing data, such as the amount of data handles by Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. An most important thing is that many open source NoSQL database server is available which can be used by the business owners.

What is NoSQL Database?

The NoSQL is also know as 'Not Only SQL' is a database management system which does not follow the strict schema and there is no ACID support. But due to its scalability and data handling capabilities it is getting popular in the heavy load environment. Solution based on NoSQL is also cheap as it can user the ordinary servers to add more processing and data handling needs.

You can easily add new servers to the network and NoSQL database will automatically replicate the data and start using as one of the processing and data storage unit.

Here is the video tutorial of the overview of the NoSQL database:

What we are loosing with NoSQL?

The NoSQL database server does not provide the support for following things:

  • No ACID Support - There is not ACID property support
  • No SQL Support - There is no SQL support. Although it provides the way to fetch the data selectively
  • No Stored Procedure Support - There is no support for the stored procedures

Types of data handled by NoSQL Server

There are four different format in which data is handled by any NoSQL Database server. Here is the few example of the database server falling in each category:

  • Column: The databases Accumulo, Cassandra, Druid, HBase etch supports the Column based data formats.
  • Document: The databases Clusterpoint, Apache CouchDB, Couchbase, MarkLogic, MongoDB supports the document data formats.
  • Key-value: The databases Dynamo, FoundationDB, MemcacheDB, Redis, Riak, FairCom c-treeACE supports the key-value pair data formats.
  • Graph: The databases Allegro, Neo4J, InfiniteGraph, OrientDB, Virtuoso, Stardog supports the graph data formats.

The main objective of the NoSQL database is to provide the performance and huge data handling support. There is no priority of ACID properties and thus ACID property support is not available with the NoSQL database.

Hosted solutions

There are many companies who is providing the hosted NoSQL database support. Here is the list of the few:

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Cloudant Data Layer (CouchDB)
  • Datastore on Google Appengine
  • Freebase
  • OpenLink Virtuoso

You can also create the clusters of the NoSQL database for managing your data.

This is the good video introduction to the NoSQL database. You will find more tutorials of the NoSQL in our NoSQL Tutorial section.

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