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Features of Java 8
This article is introducing you with the features of the Java 8 (JDK8).
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Java 8 Tutorials - Features and examples of Java 8
In this section we will explain you the features of the Java 8 and explains you all the features with many example codes and articles.
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Java White paper by James Gosling - May 1996
In the May 1996 James Gosling and Henry McGilton wrote the White paper on Java Programming Language. While searching for some Java related document in found it on the oracle website.
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Features of the Spring 4.1
In this article we are discussing about the new features of the Features of the Spring 4.1. There are many new exciting features added to the Spring 4.1 framework such as full support of Java 8 and improvements to the core container.
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Spring Framework 4.1 Tutorials and Examples
Spring Framework 4.1 or simple the Spring 4.1 is the upcoming version of the Spring framework. It is the advanced version of the Spring Framework. Here at devmanuals.com we are giving many tutorials and example of the Spring 4.1 framework.
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