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Encapsulation in Java
Encapsulation is an important OOPs principal which enables to write code which contains the data and implementation together in one unit. Its the self contain unit which hides the implementation from outside world.
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Warning FilterDispatcher is deprecated please use the new filters
In the latest version of Struts 2 new filter is introduced and if you application is using old FilterDispatcher then application will display the warning message filterdispatcher is deprecated please use the new filters.
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Java 9 Features Announced
Oracle has announced the more features of Java 9, which includes the modularity and other features. This article is discussing about the features which will be part of JDK 9.
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Java 9 News and Tutorials - Latest news updates and tutorials of the Java 9
Java 9 will be the next version of JDK, Check the latest news, tutorials and articles of the Java 9
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How to fix
This video tutorial explains how to fix "Unable to connect to the proxy server" error?. Video shows you the step by step instruction to fix the Internet connectivity error.
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